Changing Permissions

This lesson explains the different permission levels in detail and shows you how to change a person's permissions. Only Administrators have access to change permissions for folders they are an administrator of. Schedulers and Editors can create people, but they will be assigned to the default site permission, usually Scheduled Viewer.

On the People page, click on the person's name

Scroll to the bottom to change their permissions

Scroll to the bottom to change their permissions
  1. This is the Site Permission. In order to have general setting rights, you must set the Site Permission accordingly (i.e. if you want a person to be able to edit tags on the People page they must have the parent (site) permission of administrator- but you can still set their service permissions differently).
  2. If there is a + icon (like the one to the left of Children's Ministry), that means it's a folder in your account and you'll need to click the + next to it to expand and also set or edit the permissions for the specific service/s under that folder.

Explanation of Permissions

We've got an entire article explaining all about permissions that even has a detailed table of what each one does. Check out that lesson titles "Permissions Explained".